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Galanz oven sales first in the world

And the world's first wfoe galanz
The author (editor) waves source: China
2009, galanz oven production global first! 2010 glanze appliances sales company (hereinafter referred to as glanze life appliance) will continue rapid development momentum, sprint, create powerful position of the first several items. Life appliance sales company general manager galanz LiuHaiHua when accepting a reporter to interview, 2010 is powerful to life appliance glanze sprint position, 2010 galanz life appliance will enter the whole period of speed.
And the world's first wfoe breakout crisis.
2009, due to the impact of the international financial crisis, exports continued to deteriorate environment. Galanz adopted active offensive strategy, make its life appliance lasted for 2008, the rapid growth has exceeded 80%, oven, production and export to the world.
According to understand, glanze in a crisis, the implementation of the jedi counter break was reputed as "galanz phenomenon" media. In a crisis of contrarian glanze, except the growth depends on an attacking galanz marketing strategies and depend more on the core technology glanze products of self-directed innovation. The whole of the independent innovation, independent intellectual property rights of precipitation and innovation, household electrical appliance industry transformation and development. Galanz, independent innovation and walk on the road, with independent intellectual property rights, and continue to practice, realizes from manufacturing lead to leading technology, from big to manufacture the brand.
The warm galanz oven
According to statistic, in recent years, as the first wfoe glanze production of oven brands to meet the global demand of tens of thousands of people.
Life appliance sales company general manager galanz LiuHaiHua analysis, due to the influence of international financial crisis, the European consumers in a restaurant, they mostly choose to eat at home, galanz oven in their lives become a good helper.
As to raise the level of consumption, consumers expect more and better convenience, low carbon appliance product. In order to meet consumers' demand, the renewal upgrade "through technical innovation, galanz appliances launched nearly 20 of this new oven. This series of products are fully realized constant temperature function, make food for human consumption keep temperature, provides consumers with considerate service, improve the core competitiveness of the products. By 2010, glanze life appliance will focus on promotion of intelligent computer version oven, this series of products with comprehensive functions, LCD computer thaw control functions, operating more convenient, more humane. Products from stainless steel tube far infrared baking, blue air convection function can improve the baked food.

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