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Carbon economy leads the kitchen utensils developme..

Personalization: your kitchen up to you
Smoke flavor, dirty, hard to clean up ... ... This is a lot of people on the kitchen first impression. However, to do is now a restaurant kitchen can be used not only to cook, also can be used to enjoy, even to enhance the taste of the restaurant.
Chef for kitchen changes, feeling the worst effects of chefs use every day, chopping board, work table and tools. Kitchen before kitchen utensils and table is made of wood, it is easy in use by the corrosion damage to the tool is also very cumbersome to use them. Now comes a big kitchen gets transformed into a stainless steel table, both durable and easy to clean, use greatly increased the life span; tools are mostly built of stainless steel, sharp blade lightweight, rust fouling do not need to worry about.
Bigger change is that many businesses in the appliance design, has begun to take into account the ergonomic, efficient working lines, medium height, easy to use, to minimize the chef's labor intensity. With gas stove, for example, in recent years, gas stove experienced a number of changes, its function is more complete, the safety factor is much higher. One hand, it combines the advantages of gas stoves and electric stove to create a "dual-use dual-energy gas-electric kitchen." In addition, also has electric teppanyaki grill and more to meet the cooking needs.
Intelligence: various styles, full-featured
Today's restaurant kitchens, is already a cooker, refrigerator, range hood, electric oven one should be complete, raw and cooked refrigerator also points placed, gas stove can be gas-electric combination oven oven, microwave oven is icing on the cake.
Functionally integrated into a more intelligent technology content, in the shape, color on the more stylish charm ------- For example, there are hundreds of outlets across the country the true kung fu fast food chain, high efficiency, standardization The produced, in which the mystery is as real skill to the kitchen with the automatic control system with a steaming kitchen items to steam boiler for steam to produce steam concentration in the steam delivered to each device, each device with the energy of steam constant temperature and steaming time control system., which can not only accurate temperature control steam box, also applied the heat delivery and automatic cooking programs, save time and energy.
Room and kitchen will be designed to fully reflect and share the fun of cooking, the kitchen members to promote communication and exchange. By function and form of innovation, the kitchen has not only cooks work place, people will bring more opportunities for communication and collaboration, mutual cooperation for the chefs cooking food. The sources said the intelligence products not only on behalf of corporate control of the most advanced core technology, but also reflects the business sensitivity to capture consumer demand, intelligent kitchen appliances is expected to become the new starting line the next round of competition.
"Carbon": the Energy Saving New Fashion
Saving, gas prices climbing, moving to energy-saving kitchen appliances, environmental protection direction. The new situation, but also green, healthy, environmentally friendly kitchen appliances industry business opportunities. According to statistics from 2005, China's annual 500 million at least into the update of range hoods, these "aging" of the kitchen appliances are also energy-intensive products. This is for all household electrical appliance enterprises out of a green, energy saving proposition.
Kitchen appliances not only paying attention to energy conservation, but also environmental protection began to put more energy, especially in the hood and the gas appliance, the importance of environmental protection has become the new competition in the market point. Interlink as the Siemens family of kitchen electric products, to achieve the smoke and the stove's linkage - when the smoke starts automatically in the ignition, turn off automatically when the smoke out delay, both to avoid the fumes disturbance also reduced waste; same time, the smoke of the self- regular automatic cleaning system can melt grease inside the machine to keep smoke in work efficiency, eliminate energy waste. At present, the realization of smoke and the stove in the linkage of Siemens Interlink series kitchen electric products used only for home kitchens, but we believe that similar food products into the professional market, is expected soon.
In fact, an energy-saving environmentally friendly "low-carbon kitchen" is not only the direct expression of social responsibility chef, chef's work is also related to the state and physical health. Therefore, the kitchen, "low carbon" has become today the most distinctive trend.
Greeting the personality, intelligence, "low carbon" of the trend, our kitchen and what specific changes happen? Kitchen by the Guangdong Authority, Yangcheng Evening News Food Magazine's "Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao in 2010 Asian Games welcome summit and the most popular chefs kitchen brand promotion Assembly", will give you an understanding of kitchen with brand kitchen experience revolution, and the kitchen zero contact with a rare opportunity.
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